Rising 5’s

Our rising 5 sessions for September school starters take place after the Easter break on a Friday afternoon.  We also offer rising 5 lunch club sessions  for September 2015 school starters which take place after Easter.  As part of the school transition, we take the children across to Kelsall School for their lunch where they can have either a hot dinner or a packed lunch.

The idea of these sessions is to help prepare the children for school and as such the sessions are structured differently than usual pre school sessions.  In the past these sessions have been very successful and the children have thoroughly enjoyed them.  The children have enjoyed PE, Jo Jingles music and movement classes, trips to Kelsall School and sessions structured similarly to a school day.

Our Rising 5 session is limited to one per week with a maximum of 24 children, these sessions are often very busy so please let us know if you are interested.